This tiny home has open plan layout and a solar system for off-grid living!

Kingfisher is a tiny house from New Zealand company Build Tiny, which doesn’t feel so small on the inside, with room for a full kitchen, shower and tub, dining area, living room, and two attic rooms.

Few topics are hotter right now than off-grid and tiny life. After spending so much time in our own homes over the past few years, we are slowly waking up to the concept of downsizing. We don’t need living spaces on such a large scale when we can pack everything we have into 400 square meters or less.

Providing clients with the flexibility to design their own fully functional and custom mini-houses, Build Tiny is a New Zealand-based mini-house company dedicated to small-scale living. Kingfisher, one of Build Tiny’s most popular mini-house models, is a flexible, open-plan mobile mini-home that has ample space for everything from a full kitchen to a two-bedroom loft.

Measuring 8m long x 2.4w x 4.2h, Kingfisher keeps size medium and accessible. From the outside, Kingfisher sports a vinyl-covered steel frame with a cedar wall to the side that is lined with vertical wood panels. Aluminum windows are double glazed to provide the ultimate thermal insulation during the colder months.

The roof is only slightly sloped to provide some free space inside for the two mezzanine sleeping areas, giving the cottage a more dynamic quadrilateral shape. Placed on the sloping roof, Build Tiny provided Kingfisher with a solar system for off-grid power, consisting of 6 Trina 270w Honey Poly Module panels.

Inside, residents can enjoy all the typical household amenities like a shower and tub, full kitchen, living space, dining room, and mezzanines. Stepping from the austere black steel exterior to the poplar plywood lined interior, residents are greeted by a spacious entrance with the living room to the right and the kitchen to the left.

Each bedroom has plenty of hidden storage compartments, like shelves and flip-up lockers, to optimize the small living space inside Kingfisher. In the bathroom, there is a folding shelf for storing clothes and towels while residents use the shower. Then, under the stairs, Build Tiny incorporated concealed sliding cabinets that could serve as a kitchen pantry or additional cabinetry.

Just beyond the entrance, attached to the main wall of the house, a ladder takes residents to the two-bedroom loft of the Little House, where a larger bed stays a few feet from two twin beds. While the Kingfisher certainly fits the bill for a tiny house, with plenty of built-in storage space and a sloping roof, residents won’t feel the smallness inside.

Designer: Build Tiny

Throughout the house, additional space-saving features take full advantage of the available living space.

A built-in ladder takes residents to the house’s two-bedroom loft.

The living space is just to the right of the spacious entrance to the house.

Hidden sliding cabinets make room for excess kitchen supplies and accessories.

Although the two bedrooms are only a few meters from each other, they remain at opposite ends of the small house.

A folding cabinet provides storage space for clothes and towels while residents shower.

Solar systems and other electrical accessories make it possible to live off the grid.

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