Custom Tiny Home has an interesting layout and plenty of space, including a dog loft

There are many advantages to living in a mini-house. First of all, most of them are RVs, houses on wheels, or whatever you call them. This means that they are mobile, easy to transport and move around, giving you the freedom to live anywhere you want. How cool is it to be able to take home (literally) whenever you want to travel somewhere?

Most mini-homes are also affordable to build and inhabit, which can dramatically lower your cost on your bills. Less space means less energy required, whether it’s heating, cooling, etc.

Mint Tiny House has been a Canadian company in business since 2014. Its RVs and Park models are shipped across Canada and the United States. The company offers three models: the Napa Edition, the Loft Edition and the Canada Goose, with the most affordable being the Napa, starting at around $ 94,000. The most expensive is the Canada Goose model, which starts at around $ 123,000.

Anna and Nick’s Little House, which is featured on the Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube channel, is manufactured by this company and is currently located in Mills River, NC in the Acony Bell Tiny House community. In five years of marriage, they have already changed seven addresses, but now they hope that this small house will facilitate any transition. Built by Mint, this home has been interestingly personalized to meet the needs of the couple, with an unusual layout.

It offers 375 sq. Ft. (34.8 m²) of space, including the lofts. It measures 36 x 8.5 ft (approx 11 x 2.5 m) and has a bedroom on the ground floor, two mezzanines upstairs and two bathrooms, or one and a half to be more precise. But one of its best features is generous outdoor space, with this build including a huge porch that’s about half the size of the entire house.

Anna and Nick’s Mint Tiny House has been customized to suit their needs. The first room you enter is the living room, which is fitted with a full size sofa bed. There is a projector on the wall and a large window behind the sofa.

A small bathroom is located to the left, with a toilet, washing machine, and sliding desk above, which is a bit oddly placed in our humble opinion.

Going up a ladder (also on the left) brings you to a small space upstairs which comes with a keyboard, as both owners love to play the piano. It is also ideal for storage.

Back on the ground floor, you have the fully fitted galley style kitchen to the right, with plenty of counter space as the couple cook a lot. There are plenty of drawers and a dedicated area for waste and recycling. The house also has a generous pantry and a large dishwasher, which is less common equipment for smaller homes.

The main bathroom is located on the right and has a flush toilet, a shower and a staircase with built-in storage. The stairs lead you to the lofts. One of them has a spacious and comfortable bed, windows on both sides, a skylight and storage space.

The other currently serves as space for Anna and Nick’s two dogs, but it would also be large enough to accommodate a queen-size bed.

Returning to the master bedroom downstairs, it features a huge king-size bed with storage space below and a door that leads out to the porch, in case you want to access it from inside the house.

The deck comes with a roof, a sofa made from a tub and a three seater on the other side. The two have also set up a small garden outside where they plan to grow plants and vegetables. There is also a shed behind the house, where the two keep their bikes.

Although the couple didn’t mention how much the cottage cost them, they said they were still paying it off in installments for a few more years. You can take a virtual tour of it in the video below.

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