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Loan consolidation vouchers

If you want to make a loan consolidation, it is recommended to use a broker buyback loans to implement the financial restructuring plan.

Intermediary in banking operations and payment services, Headless horseman Headless horseman accompanies you throughout your steps with the objective of obtaining a new credit that improves, and that responds to your budget situation.

Documents needed for a credit consolidation

Documents needed for a credit consolidation

In order to be able to pretend to start a file study with characteristics of reHeadless horsemanment, it is necessary to be able to gather all the supporting documents requested for a repurchase of credits.

The folder is composed of five pockets :

  1. Identity
  2. returned
  3. Statement (s) of account (s)
  4. Loan agreement and amortization schedules or cash reserve account
  5. dwelling

Depending on the budget situation of the borrowing (s), the list above may vary. For example, in the case where the applicant (s) have been penalized (s) by an increase of taxes, or by a ticket (s) of a road traffic contravention… then the justifications of the remaining capital due are to be provided.

Indeed, the principle of a loan buyback is first to give breath to the borrower (s) through a significant decrease in their monthly credit charges, and secondly to allow the lending institutions ( bank or financial institution) to be the only creditor to manage the debts and debts of the debtor (s).

This allows you to manage only one credit adapted to the repayment capacity of the borrower (s). But also, the bank improves the control of the risk of unpaid bills by centralizing all debts of the debtors.

How are the coins analyzed during a loan redemption?

How are the coins analyzed during a loan redemption?

Unlike a request for revolving credit, when it comes to a request for loan redemption, the list of attachments is more important!

More important in order to allow the financial analyst of the bank in charge of the study of the file, to define during the financial analysis the restructuring solution most adapted to the needs of the applicant (s).

The procedure of instruction of the files of repurchase of credit is the good one, in spite of a large number of justifications to provide. Moreover, this is confirmed in the studies of loan buyback records in that 99% of individuals who lose control of the management of their budget have their bank account statements rife with monthly withdrawals of revolving credits.

Then the different documents of identity, income, housing, etc. are carefully analyzed, checked and crossed between them in order to validate the authenticity of the elements declared by the borrower (s).

During the process of processing the client file (s), the financial analysts in charge of the file investigation may need additional information to enable them to finalize the study.

Then a request for complements and additional information is issued by the analysts to the broker, who will get closer to his client to take stock and gather the items requested for transmission to banks.

Avoid pitfalls of personel loan repayable with the purchase of credits?

To meet liquidity needs whose purpose and use of borrowed funds is for the purchase of a personal vehicle, or to undertake work to improve his home, but also for the equipment of his house or simply get cash for provider new projects, depreciable consumer credit also known as personal loan is undoubtedly the best solution for individuals.

Consumer credit: reminder!

Consumer credit: reminder!

For recall booster on consumer credit, remember that the amount of provider a personal loan is in the range of two hundred euros and seventy five thousand euros. Secondly, a depreciable consumption credit is generally at a fixed interest rate and not at a variable rate.

The amortization periods being much shorter than that of the mortgage, they can reach 180 months for the consolidation of consumer credit. The prepayment of a personal loan generates a maximum of 1% of prepayment indemnities due to the lending institution.

The use of the amount of money borrowed via a consumer credit must be used for personal and in no way professional purposes. Unlike a home loan that is unlocked in stages as the construction progresses for the payment of the artisans, the personal loan is released in one go to the bank account(s) borrower (s).

However, it is advisable to be vigilant about the use of consumer loans! To avoid the accumulation of money, borrowing with thought can keep control of its budget management and do not end up over-indebted.

Personel loan: the pitfalls to avoid!

Personel loan: the pitfalls to avoid!

First of all, it is important to take into consideration the particular and general conditions of a consumer loan agreement. Indeed, it must in no case stop at the communication of an advertisement or the statement of the commercial bank or the requested financial institution.

Do not forget that once the prior offer of personal credit has been accepted and signed, borrowers can no longer retract once the deadline has passed. Subscribers of the provider are obliged to repay each month the deadlines defined in the amortization table of the said credit subscribed to its balance.

Of course, when an individual uses a consumer credit, ie the amount financed by the bank is between 200 € and 75 000 €, then the latter is subject to the Consumer Code and debtors are eligible for protection.

The purchase of consumer loans facilitates the management of your outstanding

The purchase of consumer loans facilitates the management of your outstanding

The borrowed money must be used responsibly to facilitate its management and avoid over-indebtedness. If you do not think correctly about the number of consumer credits that you can repay every month without the personal budget being unbalanced, then it is not wise to make the decision of a commitment for an additional loan to be made.

This advice applies even more if your personal debt ratio is higher than forty percent. At the risk of becoming entangled in excessive debt, putting your financial situation in jeopardy.

If, however, you have accumulated several credits, and your repayment capacity is exceeded, then we recommend that you apply for a study to obtain a purchase of urgent consumer credit.

The benefits of buying back mortgage loans to avoid over-indebtedness

 Real estate credit is distributed to French households and professionals by banks and financial institutions in order to materialize the acquisition of real estate. Acquisition funds may be earmarked for a primary or secondary residence, or as a tax or rental investment. Obtaining a mortgage is most often framed by the presence of a sales agreement.

The acquired property is then generally provided as mortgage guarantee until the total repayment of said loan.

The repurchase of mortgage

The repurchase of mortgage

The mortgage can be the subject of a credit redemption or credit restructuring operation when it is bought back with consumer credit. Today, to calculate their home loan, French households now tend to choose a longer mortgage term than in the past. This mortgage term now exceeds 20 years.

To calculate your mortgage today, without exceeding the debt limit thresholds imposed by banks and lending institutions, it is appropriate to borrow over a term of 25 or 30 years. And even see more for some real estate Robin Hoodment projects. It should be known that several credits can be cumulated:

  • The 0% interest rate loan
  • The social housing loan
  • The loan agreement
  • The Housing Savings Loan
  • The All Habitat loan
  • The loan Relay
  • The resale credit
  • The loan 1% housing
  • Personalized Housing Assistance (APL)
  • Etc…

So if monthly mortgage payments have become very high for the balance of household budget management, in this case it is recommended to buy a mortgage. If borrowers wish to reduce the monthly payments of their current loans (real estate loans, construction loans, etc.), the repurchase of real estate loans offers them the possibility of rectifying a situation of management of degraded bank accounts.

A real estate loan restructuring formula that allows borrowers to undeniably reduce the burden of monthly installments. However, it should be noted that the repurchase of mortgage increases the number of monthly payments to be refunded. Real estate loan consolidation is, of course, a substitute credit distributed by a credit redemption organization specific to this area of ​​activity.

Advantages of buying real estate loans

Advantages of buying real estate loans

The redemption of real estate loans has the advantage of grouping an amount in euros equivalent to the totality of the sum due to the remaining capital due from the current appropriations. The principle of pooling real estate credit is to obtain a sharp decline in monthly payments and this in order to allow subscribers to rebalance the management of the home with the benefit of a more than advantageous debtor interest rate.

The profit and the objective of a real estate loan restructuring is to carry out a total spread of the real estate loan taken over and subscribed a few years ago. Customers must then get a single monthly charge to manage. A solution that avoids inevitable over-indebtedness and debt become thus compatible with the household income of the debtor(s).

A real estate loan restructuring operation increases the subscribers’ repayment capacity, taking into account a considerable reduction of 30 to 60% according to the situations encountered. Customers have the advantage of being able to benefit from an additional cash envelope for the good payment of their future projects like works or a new car vehicle, but also to fill a bank overdraft, etc.

Credit redemption and over-indebtedness

Credit redemption and over-indebtedness

Do not renegotiate your real estate credit directly with the current lender. Brokerage firms specializing in the real estate buyback sector are at your disposal to study with you all the possibilities of successfully restore your financial situation to avoid over-indebtedness. Failing that, there is still the possibility of seizing the debt distress commission from the Bank. It will constitute a file which favors a study of the file for a lending organization.

The acquisition of credit overindebtedness is a banking operation that aims to restructure all its debts and credits into a loan (mortgage, consumer loan, waive expenses or subscriptions, auto credit, work, renewable, tax debts, personal, etc., thus allowing a staggering of the new credit and a high reduction of the amount of monthly payments to be refunded from 30% to 60%.

However, it must be emphasized that the purchase of credit is not essentially a solution that in the case of over-indebtedness, it can also offer a household an additional income to allow the establishment of a programmed savings, or where you can simply invest.